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House Rum (45% Alc/Vol)

White rum distilled with American grown sugarcane and molasses

Aromas of tropical fruit, banana, and vanilla

8th Day Rum is crafted from a blend of cane sugar and molasses, sourced from a 7th generation farm in Louisiana. Our rum is double-distilled in an American-made pot still. This creates a light, complex spirit that works in rum cocktails like the traditional mojito, daiquiri and modern tiki drinks.


House Gin (45% Alc/Vol)

American Dry Gin distilled with pronounced juniper notes, fresh citrus zest and a hint of ginger

Aromas of fresh citrus and subtle notes of juniper.

Our gin is crafted from a combination of 6 different botanicals. Some of the most pronounced character of the gin comes from fresh citrus that we are hand zest before distillation.


Limited ReleaseS

(Currently only available at the distillery bottle shop & cocktail bar)


Navy STRENGTH GIN (57.5% Alc/Vol)

Navy Strength Gin is and expression of our house gin that has been rested in a oak barrel for several months.

The barrel provides a unique mellow oak character with subtle notes of spice, vanilla and marmalade jam.


RYE WHISKEY (52.5% Alc/Vol)

This rye whiskey is a unique distillery exclusive with a mash made from 100% Indiana grown rye.

There is no mistaken the big bold, spicy, character of this 100% rye whiskey.



This bourbon whiskey pays homage to one of the first whiskies we ever distilled. Replicating the mash bill of 53% corn, 36% malt, and 11% rye this bourbon is unique expression with deep malt forward presence ending with a spicy rye finish.


AGED RUM (47.5% Alc/Vol)

This aged rum is one of a kind as it is a collaboration with our friends at New Day Craft. The rum started life as our house rum and then was aged in a used cider barrel giving the spirit a mellow character of vanilla and apple notes.


8th point Gin (52.5% Alc/Vol)

8th Point Gin is a collaboration with our neighbors Center Point Brewery. The gin was made using similar botanicals as our house gin with the addition Amarillo hops to the gin basket. After distillation the gin then spent some time in a beer barrel that once held a pale ale.



Dancehall Panic Rum is a unique collaboration with Sun King Spirits where we fermented a blend of sugar cane and molasses then fermented the was with a beer yeast. The goal was to make as close to a Jamaican style rum here in the heart of the midwest, with subtle notes of vanilla and tropical fruit.




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